As it's Friday we thought here at Hookedblog we would share some more photographs from our New York visit. We are still working our way through the other photographs, having just about managed to catch up on our inbox and what's beeen happening in London, so expect more soon.

We previous posted some images here, from our hungover trip to Coney Island featuring the work of OverUnder,  Veng and Ephameron. Our second set today features some more photographs from Coney Island and include images of a huge wall painted by the brazilian twins Os Gemeos on Stillwell and Surf ave. We had completely forgot the they had been to Coney Island and it was a wonderful surprise getting of the F train and this beautiful mural being the first thing you see on exiting the Coney Island station. The mural was painted way back in 2005 for Creative time dreamland artist club and despite showing a little bit of weathering the mural still looks really fresh.

Check out more shots of the wall after the jump.

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