We stumbled on this work on one of the outdoor cigarette ashtry bins that are located all over London. The one pictured above was on Brick Lane the other week and what inatially looked like a large sticker placed over the advertising window/space turned out to be far more elaborate on closer inspection. Each colour in the piece was made up a separate layers of paper, some coloured some painted, some cut into and other layers cut out to create this tagged up layered effect. The detail and how it has been put together is clearer in the close-up picture below.

Having stumbled on this piece made it easier to spot the other further along the street, each one slightly different but constructed in the same manner. After a bit of online digging, it turns out the work is by World War Won. The guys at Vandalog had posted about a show opening the artists had recently in Amsterdam. Take a look at the World War Won website as they have some other interesting project they have working on around London.

World War Won — Brick Lane Part 02