“Slow Your Roll”: a term commonly used by Skewville to keep themselves in check.

Growing up in the underground NY Art Scene was all about respect and paying your dues. After a decade of deviance, Skewville is as well known for their creative, aggressive questioning of this popular street art culture as they are for being a monumental part of it with their wooden sneaker mission. The growing popularity of this art movement has made Skewville check itself, always remembering why they started in the first place.

Just as street art began as a way of reclaiming space from the advertising that had overrun it, Skewville reclaims the gallery space to communicate its thoughts on the loss of a counter-culture and the rise of consumerism. In a constant self battle to not “Sell Out”, while maintaining success in the art world Skewville presents… “Slow Your Roll”. Featuring selected artwork from previous years that will showcase the classic Skewville Style along with new paintings and sculptures that reveal their dedication to steadily evolving that Skewville Aesthetic.

The show opens with a private view 18 March 7:00-10:00pm at the High Rollers Society and will run at the gallery until the 24 April 2010.

High Roller Society | 10 Palmers Road | London | E2 0SY