Street Fonts - Graffiti Alphabets Book

Today 28 February, marks the official launch of a new publication titled 'Street Fonts — Graffiti Alphabets from Around the World'.

Street Fonts - Graffiti Letters Book

We first became aware of this new book about a year and a half ago when we were taking photos of UK graffiti artist Skore. At the time the artist was working on sketches for an alphabet he was designing for this book which was then in its early stages.

Compiled by Claudia Walde, a designer, writer, and talented graffiti artist in her own right under the name MadC, Street Fonts — Graffiti Alphabets from Around the World has seen her spend over two years collecting custom-made alphabets created for the book by 154 artists. 

Hailing from thirty different countries, nearly all the artists invited have roots in graffiti and shared Claudia's vision of showing the many different styles of lettering within graffiti and street art cultures.

Street Fonts - Graffiti Alphabets Book

As many graffiti artists tend to paint/sketch the same letters of their tag again and again, it is rare that they design complete alphabets. Walde set them each the same brief: to design all twenty-six letters of the Latin alphabet. 

Their approach to the task and how they selected the media with which to express their ideas was entirely up to them, and the results are a fascinating insight into the creative process.

Inside spread from the Street Fonts - Graffiti Alphabets Book

It is evident after a quick flick through that this weighty book (over 300 pages) has been lovingly compiled by Claudia and her passion for graffiti and letterforms is visible throughout the book in her selection of artists invited to contribute. 

This passion is also to be seen in the alphabets the artists have designed for Claudia, with each rising to and in some cases surpassing the challenge she set them in her original brief. 

And with their styles ranging from classic old-school graffiti letter forms, right up to modern computer-generated alphabets this book is likely to appeal not only to the graffiti and street art communities but to anyone with an interest in alphabets and letterforms, be they typographers or graphic designers.

Inside spread from the Street Fonts - Graffiti Alphabets Book

Contributing Graffiti and Street Artists

Contributing artists include Dem189 (France), Faith47 (South Africa), Skore (UK), Hera (Germany), L'Atlas(France), 123 Klan (Canada), Tizer (UK), and Flying Fortress (Germany) to name a few of the 154 artists, this beautifully compiled and printed book is a welcome addition to the Hookedblog bookshelves.

The book has gone on sale today and is available from most good booksellers or online directly from Amazon

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