Keeping it on a zine tip today, we mentioned MOMO's new series of zine at the start of last month when the NY artist released his Marker Drawing Zine which is now sold out. The second zine in the series 'Marker Models Zine' has been released on his website.
The artist began to illustrate shapes used with the MOMO Maker as though they were real 3-D forms, with shadows and perspective. So then he thought, why not create these forms as little marionettes, light them, and have a real look. It is the photos of these 3D forms that feature in the new zine.

The zine is a 38 page, black & white zine, 5.5″ x 8.5″ numbered edition of 200. Made in Miami 2011 and available for only $5 from MOMO's Show Place shop. Don't hang about as the first one went quick.