Artist/ Illustrator Mr. Penfold has just filled our inbox with these super fresh shutter photos from his trip to Madrid over the weekend. Mr. Penfold along with a selection of other UK artists were invited over to Spain for Persianas Libres Madrid which saw 100 shutters painted in downtown Madrid.

The artist from the UK included Mr. Penfold, Malark & Billy (recently featured), Schoph, Deus, Ventz, Stu Subism, Roots, Philth and our favourite Bristolians and What crew members 45rpm and Richt. Alongside the shutters painted for the event the artists hit the streets and continued painting.

It looks like the event was a success and sounds like much fun was had by the artists in attendance. Despite the success it would appear that there had been some opposition to Persianas Libres Madrid event from the local graffiti community in the run up to it over concerns that existing illegal shutters would be painted over during the event. Local photographer Miss Kaliansky was also in touch with us sharing her photos of existing shutters and her concerns. You can see her photos and read more about it over on ekosystem. Persianas Libres Madrid have also set up a flickr group where you can see more shutter work from the weekend. More here.