Street Artist Dave The Chimp, Street Art Doodle Book

We thought we had already mentioned Dave The Chimps Street Art Doodle Book: Outside the Lines: Drawing Outside the Lines but I guess while I was waiting for the return of one of my flashcards from Berlin last year, I forgot to publish the post. So here it is a little later than planned.

During our trip to Berlin, we managed to find some time to pay a short visit to Dave The Chimp at his studio, where we got to check a preview of the doodle book which has since been released by Laurence King.

Street Art Doodle Book — Outside The Lines is essentially a kick-ass colouring book, but one that can be equally enjoyed by adults as well as kids. Rather than the usual generic content you find in your average colouring books, Dave has invited his friends and artists from across the globe (most of them street-based and graffiti artists) to create spreads for the book in their own unique styles. It is these black and white illustrations, drawings and photos which fill the pages of Outside The Lines.

In curating the book Dave asked many of the artists in creating their works to leave sections unfinished or free areas in their drawings, which would allow the kids/adults the freedom to finish the drawings themselves by adding their own creations to those in the book.

The book sees works from an impressive line up with over 75 street artists including many friends and favourites of ours here are Hookedblog.

Some of those featured include Alexone Dizac, Asbestos, PMH, Cept, Dscreet, The London Police, Abe Lincoln JR, 45RPM, TheKrah, Mjar, Muju, Brad Downey, Richt, Ronzo, Tek33 BC, C100, Buff Monster, Eelus, Maya Hayuk, Eltono, Microbo and Pinky to name a few. With such a long list of street artist included the book is a sizable colouring book and one sure to keep your kids entertained for hours.

The book is already on sale and you should be able to find copies of it in most good bookshops and online from Amazon: Street Art Doodle Book: Outside the Lines: Drawing Outside the Lines

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