®Nova the film, is a documentary on new art and the young artists behind it. Directed by Isaac Niemand, and produced by ROJO® in collaboration with Bossanovafilms, it was filmed live at ®Nova Contemporary Culture which happened in July and August 2010, in the Museum of Image and Sound, São Paulo, Brazil.

The film is due to be released online soon and will star Rebecca Ward, Tofer Chin, Base V, Yochai Matos, KRINK, Highraff, Kit Webster, Flavio Samelo, Lucy McRae, Shima, Matt W Moore, Mulheres Barbadas, Gustavo Gagliardo aka Defi, Quayola, Javier Longobardo, This Time, Sosaku Miyazaki & Lolo, Mark Jenkins, B.Fleischmann, Robert Seidel, Anna Taratiel aka Ovni, Ljudbilden & Piloten, Koen Delaere, Cristopher Cichocki, MOMO, Yusk Imai, Sin Fang Bous.