Hookedblog Street art Gift Suggestions
With the holiday season almost upon us and the Royal Mail postal cut-off date fast approaching we thought we at Hookedblog would provide our readers with some suggestions for gifts for either themselves or their loved ones.

With an endless variety of street art /graffiti-related products now to choose from, we have decided to focus on gifts you can buy directly from some of the street artists and illustrators who have appeared on the website over the last year and who are for the most part UK based.  Have a look after the jump:


Bristol-based artist and one of the founding members of the What Collective. The artist has a selection of canvases and prints starting at $45 upwards. Pictured above is one of his mini owl canvases which comes with a hand-painted owl pin badge and stickers for just $50.

Shop 45RPM here.

Artist Richt

Another founding member of Bristol's What Collective.

His newest print "This town is coming like a ghost town", is an A2 digital print on high-quality 315gsm paper for £30. He also has some hand-drawn originals on paper for £45.

Shop Richt here.

London street artist Phlegm

We blogged about Phlegm's new zine last week and above is his new 'Stilt' print. A highly detailed two-color print. Printed the exact same size as it was drawn with a dip pen. Signed, numbered, and embossed edition of forty for just £15.

Shop Phlegm  here.

Illustrator Showchicken

'The Offering' pictured above is from the talented artist / illustrator Showchicken aka Nick Sheehy. It's an A3 limited edition Giclee Print on Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper 310 gsm. £80

Shop Showchicken  here.

Sheffield based street artist Kid Acne

'HELSINKI GIRL' A new 2 colour hand-pulled screenprint from Kid Acne on 250gsm recycled stock. Clay white, 50cm x 70cm. Signed, numbered and embossed. £60

Shop Kid Acne  here.

Mysterious Al

Two new prints from Mysterious Al, 'Ehecatl Mask' in Twilight and Forest (pictured) versions. Five Colour Screen-print, hand-finished on 300GSM Deckled edge somerset. 
57 x 77cm. £125

Shop Mysterious Al  here.


Chang Visions painting from Muju. An Original painting by Muju 2010. Gouache on wood block. 20cm x 20cm. £95

Shop Muju here.


Four colour print from Mjar. Signed, numbered edition of 32. Printed on 300gsm Snowdon paper. 65cmx45cm. £40

Shop Mjar here.


Mr Wizard Print from Brighton-based Pinky. 3-colour screenprint on 250gsm white Recycled Keaykolour paper in an edition of 30. Signed & Numbered, 50 x 70cm. £50

Shop Pinky here.


'Big Difference' screen print from Sickboy. Unique one colour screen prints on 300g Snowdon cartridge paper which is deckled edged on one side. Lovingly hand-painted using metallic and coloured spray-paint, then over-printed with a screen print, and finished off with details added in various inks. £185

Shop Sickboy here.

Mr. Penfold

'The opening of the Grand Pleasure Dome' print from Mr. Penfold. Signed eight colour screen print on 310gsm quality paper. £85

Shop Mr. Penfold here.

Pure Evil

Brand new print from Pure Evil 'Mr Osbaldistone as the Brigand Chief - Live East Die Young' is a 6 colour screenprint with mother of pearl varnish layer. 74 x 50cm on 308gsm Somerset Deckled edged paper edition of 150. £150

Shop Pure Evil here.


'Happy Hour' is a hand pulled 4 colour screen print on 300gsm Canaletto fine paper from illustrator/ artist Tom Blackford aka Inkfetish. Limited edition of 75. Signed and numbered by the artist. Size: 50 X 70cm. £30

Shop Inkfetish here.

Dave The Chimp

IF YOU SEE A MAN WITHOUT A SMILE, GIVE HIM YOURS! A1 stencil print on heavy weight paper, edition of only 10. Euro 180

Shop Dave The Chimp here.

Well there you have it, some of our suggestions for screen printed gifts available directly from the artists. Make sure you check out the artist's shops as many of them have other items for sale on their sites. Happy shopping.

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