Luzinterruptus continue to impress with their light installations and we are delighted to see they are in london with their latest intervention. Beings packaged in light is currently on show in the John Madejski Garden at the Victoria & Albert Museum as part of the contemporary art program, Winter Light Commissions. Details on the V&A website here.

"For the occasion we created an installation of human shadows, using 100 inflatable dolls, easy to transport from Spain, which took over the museum for a few days as contemporary plastic sculptures.

The figures were dressed in black and shut inside gigantic white garbage bags, to which we added strategically placed points of light to achieve the effect of authentically trapped shadows."

To see some of the behind the scenes images of this and their other excellent interventions head over to their Luzinterruptus blog.

Images ©Gustavo Sanabria via Luzinterruptus