Looks like London based photographer Viktor Vauthier has been for a studio visit and taken some lovely Polaroids of Word To Mother at work, ahead of his upcoming solo show at StolenSpace Gallery. The exhibition entitled ‘Blind By Stardom’ is set to open at the gallery early next month on the 7th October. This much anticipated solo show, his fourth at StolenSpace, will feature paintings in mixed media on wood, canvas, found objects and installation pieces. The gallery also plan the release of a new limited edition hand pulled screen print.
Word To Mother will also be taking part in this years Fame Festival, which opens in a few weeks in Southern Italy {blogged here}.
The artist visited the town of Grottaglie where the festival is taking place back in July. Over the space of seven days he painted a number of large scale murals around the town which can be seen on the Fame Festival blog. Alongside the outdoor work Word To Mother also created some instalion work which we are looking forward to seeing at the opening exhibition for Fame Festival on the 25th September.
To see the full set of Polaroids from the visit, head over to Viktor's blog here

Photos ©Vikto Vauthier