Opening this evening at The London Miles Gallery is ‘Made in Britain’ - a themed group exhibition featuring all new 24 x 24 inch artworks from a selection of talented artists living and working in the UK.

London Miles Gallery has hand selected a group of emerging artists to portray their representation of their home country with an art piece that has been visually inspired by a British tradition, iconic figure or historical memory of theirs.

The show features a unique range of artistic styles from the likes of illustration artists Alex Young & Mr. Penfold, prolific street artists Ink Fetish and Inkie, realist painters Paul Sontag & Chloe Woodgate as well as cut out artists Maddy Sargent and Kevin Wayne.

'Made in Britain' opens to the public on Friday September 10th in Westbourne Studios, home to London Miles gallery. The opening reception will celebrate everything quintessentially British and on display will be a selection of vintage mini’s supplied by the London Mini Company, tasty cider thanks to Brothers and Firefly’s union Jack health drink. The evening reception will include the showcase of more than 30 artworks, music and a room filled of the UK's best emerging artists.

Opening night details: September 10 2010 7pm—11pm. Exhibition on display until October 01, 2010 at Westbourne Studios.
London Miles Gallery | 242 Acklam Road, Studio 303 | London | W10 5JJ