We got back from Berlin to find our copy of Other's new book we ordered had arrived in the post. Having received an email from Other about the release, as big fans of his work we wasted no time in getting ourselves a copy.
The publication titled 'Other: The Artwork of Troy Lovegates' is a book of photographs showcasing the artist's work and experiences along the way. From oil stick characters on the side of trains, wheat pasted posters, large scale murals, snapshot photographs and his colourful illustration work it's all in this book.

Available in two editions, one is the paperback edition of 900 for $13 and the second is what we ordered and pictured here is the Hardcovered edition which is limited to 100 copies for $50.
Although the book is a little smaller than what we were expecting it is fantastic none the less. The limited edition is a hand-bound hardcover and the cover has a two colour screenprint which has been laminated to protect the print. The inside front and back cover (endpapers) have hand made prints created by the artist. The front cover print is a pattern which comes in two variations black or red ( we got the red one!). The back cover endpaper is a multi coloured print which is cropped at different spots throughout the edition making each book unique in a way.
Both editions of the book are available from the Anteism website.