We have just stumbled on this video featuring the work of Saner. It went online a few days ago and features works from Saner's exhibition in the Border Gallery back in April. The work was on show for a grand total of 180mins after which all the works were set on fire!!

This from Saners blog:

"This time, the opening of the show involves it´s destruction. After 180 minuts of exhibition the artwork will be destroyed. A collection of ephemeral art is shown. The paintings, illustrations and graffities will only be able to last in the spectator´s memory. The art pieces were created with the idea of destruction in Saner´s mind wich makes them imposible to acquire. Each artwork has some minutes of live, after that time it will be part of a final composition destroyed or performed – it depends on the spectator – in a live act. The fact that this pieces are not “available” makes them free, priceless and of course, without owner."