Opening later this evening, 24 June in East London's Kemistry Gallery is  a project from Barcelona’s Brosmind Studio entitled 'Brosmind Army' a project comprising of a growing army of limited edition ceramic sculptures.

Each soldier of the Brosmind Army is a unique member, with exclusive face, tattoo and identification tags. The army is divided into several platoons of 50 soldiers, each distinguished by a particular kind of hat. The first platoon, Los Canotiers, is named after their distinctive ceramic boater hat, or canotier, which has a straight brim, flat crown and is decorated with a black ribbon. To change each soldier’s mood, a turn of their hat reveals one of the soldier’s three different faces.

The beginning of a modern and playful interpretation of China’s Terracotta Army, Kemistry Gallery present the first platoon with special edition dark silver soldiers, as well as Brosmind’s own take on military vehicles.

All the soldiers and vehicles will be available for sale exclusively from Kemistry Gallery, accompanied by limited edition prints.

Kemistry Gallery | 43 Charlotte Road | London | EC2A 3PD