STATIC’s first London solo show will open this evening 27 May in the Artrepublic Soho space.

Artrepublic Soho have given STATIC free reign to utilise their two-floor gallery space on New Compton Street, Central London; the show will be split into two main themes.

The 'Fight for the Right' series upholds their satirical approach to history by focusing on the eternal struggle of society to be seen and heard when confronted with social, political and economic injustice. Raising a wry smile as well as a few question marks.

The 'Luxury Vandals' collection explores the idea of street art’s desirability and commercialisation within the consumer market context. Including beautifully crafted leather cased aerosol cans and glass caskets containing STATIC's personal collection of hand painted spent cans.

Private View: Thursday 27th May 2010

Artrepublic Soho | 42 New Compton Street | London | WC2H 8DA