This spring, sees the launch of Malibu By U, a special limited edition bottle from Malibu. The iconic white bottle has been turned into a blank canvas so anyone can design their very own Limited Edition label. The project was launched at Colette in Paris last year, with 100 limited edition bottles each by artists Delta, James Jarvis and So-Me.

For the UK release Jimi Crayon, Pinky Tesfay and MNKY have been invited to provide inspiration to the public, who will be able to buy and customize their own bottle on the 18 May when it hits the shops. The three artists will be painting live at events scheduled for London. (More info on that, when we have it).

Malibu's Facebook page  will be providing regular updates on all the artists involved and where their work can be seen.

The initiative will be supported with a online digital gallery where you can either upload a photograph of your creation or create your own designs directly onto the white iconic bottle, using a range of online tools available. So whether your taste is 80’s glamour or contemporary graffiti, consumers will be able to create their own customised designs. Whatever the flair or background, the nation will be encouraged to take part and upload their individual designs, in the ultimate mark of customisation. Remember, the concept is not just for the budding artists out there; it’s for everyone, whatever the ability. The best three entries will then win a trip to some of the world’s most exotic and colourful locations such as Rio, Vegas or Barbados; the home of Malibu rum.