To round up David Choe's hugely successful show 'Nothing to Declare' with Lazarides in LA, they are releasing 'I Like My Waffles Sprinkled with Deep Throat Tears', the first of three new prints which will be available on Lazarides Online Shop. This beautiful Giclee print is an edition of 38 and available for £450.

Also available on the site are two new Prefab77 screen prints 'Britannia' and 'The Cash', both released to coincide with last night's opening of Prefab77's 'United Kingdom' exhibition at Lazarides Newcastle space.{blogged here}

The two prints pictured have been hand finished with acrylics. Britannia (pictured right) is a varied edition of 50 on sale for £250. The Cash (pictured left) print is a varied edition of just 20 and is available for £150.

The Prefab77 prints are available here.