Street Art with Burning Candy Crew in London 

Street art and graffiti collective, The Burning Candy crew continue to dominate the walls of East London.

Burning Candy Crew Getting Busy in London

We bumped into Buring Candy crew member Cept today as he began to work on a new mural, which will form the second part of his Love Will Tear Us Apart wall which was painted earlier in the year right next to this new mural work.

We also managed to photograph another Burning Candy wall pictured below located around the corner from the wall Cept was painting next to the Hoxton Overground Station.

Street Art with Burning Candy Crew in London

While we are on the subject of the Burning Candy Crew we got to see a sneak preview of Dots, a documentary that Burning Candy crew member / artist/ filmmaker Dscreet is filming about the collective.

The DOTS Film

Most of the film is yet to been filmed, but we got to see the first 20 minutes which acted kinda like an extended trailer to help raise funds to complete the rest of the project.

Some exciting inside footage from Dscreet of the crew at work and segments of a trip they took to India. While a few people at the screening and myself included found there to be some issues with bits of the audio, the film is still in its early stages and we imagine that sort of thing can be corrected. But overall it's looking like its gonna be a fantastic film once it's finished.

RJ at street art blog Vandalog has organized a few more screenings of this first part of Dots for this week. In addition to screening the film, they also are displaying (and selling) the new BC print set and original paintings from the entire crew.

The screenings are guest listed events only and as space is super limited we are not sure if they are still accepting RSVPs. But shoot them an email you might be lucky!

If you are not in London you can still buy the BC Box set of prints which features 9 prints one from each member of the crew. The money from the print sales will help towards funding the rest of the Dots movie. Again details and pictures of the prints are over on Vandalog here.

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