In celebration of the UK release of Gestalten’s Urban Interventions book, Andipa Gallery in London will exhibit a selection of works by artists who share this new approach to contemporary urban art, including Laura Keeble, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada and Slinkachu. The evening will also celebrate the UK launch of Slinkachu’s new work, High Expectations.
Evolving from graffiti and street art, urban interventions are the next generation of artwork to hit public space. Using any and all of the components that make up urban and rural landscapes, these mostly spatial interventions bring art to the masses. They turn the street into a studio, laboratory, club, and gallery. Modified traffic signs, swings at bus stops, and images created out of sand or snow challenge us to rediscover our environment and interact with it in new ways. The work is an intelligent and critical commentary on the planning, use, and commercialization of public space.
The UK book launch takes place this Friday 23 April, 6 — 9pm. We imagine they will have copies of the book for sale at the gallery on Friday but if you can't wait or make it you can order a copy from Amazon here.

Andipa Gallery | 162 Walton Street | London SW3 2JL