dr.d | Wreckage
Mutate Britain are getting involved with The Robin Hood Tax Campaign – it could be the most simple and powerful idea ever. A tiny tax on bank to bank transactions to generate billions of pounds to support The NHS, Schools – and ultimately society, which includes you, banker or otherwise – it’s a no brainer!

Tonight in support of The Robin Hood Tax, Mutate Britain unveil this new Dr D paste up on the front of Cordy House in East London. They will also be screening a new film starring Ben Kingsly, Jaime Winstone, Tom Felton and Joe Dempsie. They'll also be showing a small (by Mutate standards) collection of work relating directly to government and banking.

Thursday 15 April, 6pm — 9pm. Event is invite only.
Cordy House | 87-95 Curtain Road | EC@ 3BS

Photo: ©Unusualimage