©2009 mark rigney
For anyone who has visited the East End of London in the last year you are bound to have come across the rainbow coloured lines spray painted all over various shop fronts, shutters, building and even vans across Brick Lane. It looked as if someone had built some sort of device to enable them to spray upto 8/10 cans of paint simultaneously and enable it to be applied in straight lines. We have had some readers comment on our photos questioning if it was real or if it had been created in photoshop. No computer trickery here, these colourful urban rainbows are very real.

It would appear London photographer Victor Vauthier has been visiting an un-named artists London studio and photographed this awesome looking Graffiti Bike. I don't know about you guys but this modified bike with attached spray cans definitely looks like it may have been used to create the piece above and the others like it across the East End, and if not this bike, something very similar. From the photos above looks like the spraying action is controlled via the brakes! Awesome.

Graffiti bike photos ©Victor Vauthier