A man that needs very little introduction, one of the godfathers of modern graffiti Lenny McGurr, aka Futura, was kind enough to share a few words with The Creative Lives during his Sept. 2008 pop up show in Los Angeles, “Strategic Synchronicity”. In this short documentary which went online today, The Creative Lives talk about the influence Futura has had on modern street art and graffiti, and who he looked up to when he was a fan in 1970’s New York. Interviews with Saber, Revok, Slick, Mr. Brainwash, Jensen Karp, Pete Wentz, Divine Styler, and more.

The Creative Lives is a documentary project aimed at inspiring people to create their own work by giving them a view into the world of today’s contemporary artists. Each documentary not only shows how these artists create their work, but also attempts to find out why they do what they do and who has helped or inspired them to get to where they are.

Other artists featured on the Creative Lives site include Kelsey Brookes, Mark Dean Vega, Megan Whitmarsh and Porus Walker.