New prints dropping on Lazarides website today Friday 12th March at 12:00PM with releases from Kelsey Brookes and Bäst.

Pictured above are the two Kesey Brookes prints and to the left is Bast's 'Neil Blender (Red)' print, named after the legendary 80s skater who pretty much invented the idea of infusing art into the world of skate board decks.
Neil never took things too seriously, notoriously pulling antics at pro competition events that would disqualify him, such as stopping mid-run to spray paint a character on the ramp. He finally walked away at the height of his career in the late 80s to explore other avenues of creativity, which is coincidentally just around the time that Bast started hitting up the streets of his native Brooklyn...

The print will be available on the Lazarides Shop here