This Thursday 4 March sees the opening of Homework's a new exhibition at the Kemistry Gallery.

The opening marks their first show in the UK and the gallery will present a selection of over fifty of their prints including classic cinema and modern Polish theatre posters, with a selection available for purchase from the gallery and online.

Since forming in 2003, Warsaw-based studio Homework has been creating posters for cultural events. Aware of Poland's renowned legacy in poster design but with no intentions to be part of it, the work they create nods to the simple visual puns of Mieczysław Wasilewski and the playful illustrative style of Witkor Gorka. However, rather than exist in homage to their predecessors, Joanna Górska and Jerzy Skakun have created a distinctive style that has seen them garner prizes at poster biennials across the world as well as gallery exhibitions in Paris and Berlin. Design writer Ellen Lupton, in the book Area_2, credits Joanna and Jerzy with
"bringing the medium [of the Polish poster] back to life, and updating it for the twenty-first century", and notes that, "while reviving the poster tradition, these designers are also wedding an art-based medium to the contemporary practice of graphic design."

The show opens 4 March and will run untill 17 March 2010
Kemistry Gallery | 43 Charlotte Road | London EC2A 3PD