So I would never have guessed that I would be posting about Christina Aguilera on this blog but hey there you go. It would appear Christina is following in the footsteps of Madonna in the commissioning of a Street Artist to design the album artwork. In the case of Madonna it was Mr. Brainwash who was commissioned for the Madonna Celebration album. And now we see the artwork for the forthcoming album Bionic from Christina Aguilera has been created by D*Face
While we are not exactly fans of Christina Aguilera, we do feel that this commission works very well and we actually like what D*Face has done. We are impressed that such a mainstream pop artist as Christina who relies equally as much on her image as her so called music has taken such a gamble with her image and allowed it to be sliced open and portrayed as it has.

Of the two commissions we think the Christina / D*Face wins hands down. While there are similarities between the two album covers ( Pose / Lips / hair) the Madonna / Mr.Brainwash looked like something that Mr. Brainwash was already working on for a canvas/print release and not something that was created specifically for the cover. We could be wrong on that call, but this D*Face cover looks like a lot more time and work went into it and certainly doesn't look like it was knocked up in a hour as the Mr. Brainwash one does!

We recommend you click on the image to view the larger size and see all the great little details contained in the robotic side of the face. Musical instruments, pipe works, birds, angels, clocks and if you look closely you will even spot one of D*Face's signature D*Dogs hiding in there.

So it will be interesting to see the reaction to this work both from the music press and fans and also that of the Street / Urban Art community who will either love it for what it is or hate it and cry sellout!! What do our readers think?

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