Back in June 2005 a group of street / graffiti artists took over the walls of an abandoned East London bus depot/ crack den in Dalston. We were there and took a bunch of photographs.

Having just recently found the pictures again on a disk after a spring clean last week, we have put some of them together in this clip. This is out first upload to Youtube and we haven't worked out the best size, format to ensure it looks its best so watch the video in HD if you have a fast web connection. But is is good to be able to share them online, as we had believed they were forever lost via a stolen computer of ours. Photos feature the works of some talented artists and friends including What Collective (Richt, Gumbo, Oath and 45RPM) , Dave The Chimp, PMH, Busk, Blam, Showchicken, mjar, Sri, Thought Police, Skire, Adam Neate, Jerm, Herse, Fybe, Probs, Pheks and Ink Fetish to name a few. Enjoy.