Matt Stuart’s work features opportune street scenes which reflect the absurd and fleeting nature of life. How many times have you seen something, wished you had your camera only for the moment to instantly pass? Armed with a small Leica camera, patience and lots of optimism, Stuart captures those moments where others fail.

Stuart’s photographs are a series of happy accidents taking place in crowds, on the tube, in the park and in cars. Stuart obsessively shoots everyday, everywhere he goes.

The result of this passion and his fascination with people and the way they live their lives will be shown as a collection at KK Outlet for the first time. Some images are so absurd they almost look staged, but these are totally genuine and original, all caught by the masterful eye of Stuart.

Private View: Thursday 4 Feb, 7-9pm
Exhibition Runs: 5-26 Feb
KK Outlet | 42 Hoxton Square | London | N1 6PB