We have finally found some time to upload some photos we took at The Faile Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade show at Lazarides on Greek Street {blogged here}. We hope to upload more photos from the Retrospective at Rathbone Place later today or tomorrow.

Both shows opened last Thursday night to packed out crowds, with Greek Street having a line of people outside the space early in the evening, all eager to see the new works from both Faile and Bast. The Greek street space was fantastic, a visual assault on the senses. There is so much to see and take in. Old arcade machines with flashing animated graphics from both artists, and covered in posters and hand-painted images. Golden arcade tokens have been minted with graphics that could be purchased to pump into the arcade machines and resulted in extra works been displayed on the machines. With flashing neon signage, arcade machines, token vending machine, and the noisy computer games sound all working fantastically well to give you the sense that you were in a real 80's style arcade, a Deluxx Fluxx Arcade!!

The basement space or dungeon resembled a day-glo wonderland. The floors and walls were covered with posters and stencils which had all been worked into with luminous paints that had a disorienting glow to them under the uv black lights. Old classic Faile and Bast posters were mixed with new works on the walls. Two fully functioning Football tables had been customised with custom graphics and uv painted football players. Awesome.

We have been back for a second time now and hope to pay the show another visit before it closes, there is so much to take in in one visit we highly recommend a secord or a third if you live in London.

The show runs until the 19th March 2010. Lots of great photos of the show around on flickr but really make an effort to experience this space in person if you can.

Faile Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade at
Lazarides | 8 Greek Street | Soho | London W1D 4DG