For those of you in Bristol over the weekend this is not to be missed!! It's the launch of the second series of the Droplet vinyl toys designed by Gavin Strange ( Jam Factory).
The launch event will take place at Fifty Fifty this Saturday, 6th February from 6pm and it'll be the first place in the world to get your hands on Series 2 of the toy. Alongside the launch of the Droplet, Gavin has organized a showcase of customized blank Droplets from a fantastic & diverse range of streetartists, designers and illustrators. Below is the very impressive line-up of talented artists who have all customized a blank droplet for the opening.

From the UK
Chris Malbon, MegaMunden, John McFaul, M4KINOV, Mr Jago, Klingatron, Waste, Richt, Danny Wainwright, Pone, 45RPM, China Mike, Black Cloud, James Yeah, Okkle, Squink, Sneaky Racoon, Delme, Adam Lister, Craig Lister, Phil Blake, Jon Paul Kaiser, Pete Fowler, Stuart Madden, Henry St Leger, Guy McKinley, TADO, Map Map, Cris rose, Phil Corbert, Triclops, Peskimo, Jellybox, Lunabee, Al Wardle, Oath, Mr Gauky, godmachine, Monstafaktory, Matt Sewell, Julie West, Jamie Smart, Dan Strange, Mick Strange, PuppyFactory, M.Parker, Matt Joyce, A Little Stranger, Mr Penfold

Nick Park, Darren Dubecki, Tim Ruffle, Golly, Merlin Crossingham, Stefan Majoram, Robin Davey, Jemma Kamara, Katie McQuinn Roberts, Kirsten Williams, Rohini Denton, Dan Efergan, Sarah Matthews, Johnny Tate, Nick Miller, Rich Webber
INTERNATIONAL Veggiesomthing, Signalnoise, 64Colours, Bubi au yeung, Alex Avelino, robotbacon, m&e, Cikcuk Dunia Fantasi

Fifty Fifty Gallery | 8 Park Street | Bristol