Way back in 2005 we were fortunate enough to be in Milan and got to visit the awesome Urban Edge Show curated by Italian street artists Microbo and Bo130.

At the time it was the largest urban art event organized in Europe and saw over 80 street artists from around the globe fill a 1000 square meters old industrial building with art. The show featured the best artists from the Urban scene and saw works on display from the likes of Alexone, Blu, Barnstormers, Bo130, Doze Green, El tono & Nuria, The Finders Keepers: Dave the Chimp, PMH, Mysterious Al, D*face, Flyng Fortress, Jeremy Fish, Microbo, Miss Van, Mr Jago, Nano 4814, Shepard Fairey, Swoon, The London Police and Will Barras to name a few!

The video above has only just now appeared online. It was produced by Diana Manfredi who was asked by the curators of the show to produce a DVD for the event documenting the birth, life and death of this huge art show.