If you like weird stuff then you'll love this.

A secret warehouse filled with internal disturbances. It's like walking into a surreal dream world, stumbling upon the back door of someones head and that person is very strange. Every corner, something odd is winking at you.

Charlie Tuesday Gates buys roadkill off e-bay, picks dead things up off the streets of East London- practicing DIY taxidermy. Making bizarre and surreal sculptures of Uncanny, subconscious ramblings. Dark humor twists the natural with the artificial, internal opposites and peculiar familiarities.........

The exhibition is divided in two huge rooms, one devoted to the group show 'Socle' and the other side is this solo show, viewed by candlelight and the tinkly tinkle of an old piano.

The show will run for two weeks until Tuesday, 02 February.

1-15 The Old Alsphatic Building | High Street Bow | London