Next week, the 18th January sees the opening of Gallery Nosco's new online store. To mark the launch they plan to release this fantastic image pictured from Bom.K as a print. The original work was shown at the the End Of The Line's "Shades Of Things To Come" exhibition back in November {blogged here} and was one of our favorite pieces at the show.

This will be Bom.k's first editioned print. The Fine art giclee and silkscreen print called La Limite, also known as Large Scale, will be released as an edition of just 25 prints and will be available will be available from the online shop at on the 18th of January.

The edition is 80x60 cm and will be signed, numbered, dated as well as stamped. And should you have some cash just lying around the original work, a spray paint on canvas which the giclee is based on is still for sale on the Gallery Nosco website.