Gamma Proforma kick off their limited edition poster series with the uncompromising, intergalactic all-stars 123Klan!

Founded in France by Mr Scien & Mrs Klor in 1992, over the last 18 years they’ve maneuvered their tactical creative force via the walls of their urban playgrounds to some of the slickest brands on the planet. Today they run their creative hub from Montreal, Canada where the eight strong crew boasts fellow heavyweights Dean, Sper, Meric, Skam and Reso.

The pictured print is a limited edition of 500, A2(420x594mm) in size, lithographic poster and is available for £14.95 on the Gamma Proforma website

Throughout the year Gamma Proforma will release a limited edition poster from a diverse selection of established and upcoming artists & designers on the last Friday of every month. In December there will be an exhibition in London showcasing the 12 pieces.