London artist/illustrator and friend of Hookedblog, Mysterious Al has dropped a new screenprint for the Christmas season. The "Salboan Warrior Mask #5" (250-900 AD) screenprint pictured.

The print is a three colour, hand-pulled screenprint on A2, 270GSM recycled paper and printed using environmentally friendly gloss / matt water-based inks! It's a signed and numbered edition of just 40!

The image according to Al is based on a Salboan Warrior Mask.
"This warrior mask is believed to relate back to Mesoamerican Civilizations (250-900AD), the Mayan Calendar, and more specifically the 2012 Doomsday predictions.

"The Mayan's were skilled craftsmen as well as one of the first civilizations to follow a hieroglyphic calendar. They were incredibly intelligent and their prophecies contain complex, interlocking facts and cycles. If their predictions are correct, the world is going to end in 2012. At least that means we'll miss the bloody olympics".
The print is available for £60 over on Mysterious Al's online shop. Mysterious Al also has some very cool paper collage pieces on show at the Flyling Eye Ball Pop Up Shop {blogged here} currently running at 27 CORK STREET until the 12th December.