The Don Gallery in Milan have uploaded some photographs of the colorful large scale canvases and drawings that Dave The Chimp has made with Ekta for their current show at the Gallery. Here is what Dave The Chimp had to say about his collaboration with Etka
Every piece is a collaboration, with the idea being to experiment with new ways of working, and not to get stuck in our regular styles. No egos. Something that was maybe easier for me than for Ekta, which became apparent when people said "I can see Ekta's part, but what did you paint?" My answer was "I painted everything". Each piece is a total collaboration, so we both worked on the ideas, drawings, final paintings, etc. Unlike traditional collaborations we tried not to work on specific sections alone, but combine our work to create something new.
Head over to The Don Gallery website and check the other fantastic works. And don't forget Chimp is once again running his Xmas Lucky Dip where you can win some of his original works and zines. Read the details of the Lucky Dip here