Portraiture goes to the heart of how we relate to other people. When we look into someone’s eyes, we try to see what they really think, what we think we have in common and how we can understand them...

Represent brings together a group of contemporary artists whose work deals with exactly these issues. Each artist has strived to develop their own unique approach to portraiture, a field of art once reserved for those who were important or rich enough to afford it, but now treated as a means for contemporary artists to explore the diverse issues that affect today’s fragmented society. Each artist paints portraits as a kind of social activity, to try to understand that other person and in the process to make their own mark in the social network.

A fund raising exhibition in aid of the S.H.P art projects, helping to promote social inclusion in London through the creative arts. The show has a fantastic line up of artists including: GAVIN NOLAN / SWOON / GUY DENNING / MATT SMALL / YUKO NASU / ELBOWTOE / ROB SAMPLE / BEST EVER / ZACH WALSH / PETER MICHEAL / LABRONA / DAVID WALKER / DALE GRIMSHAW / JOHNATHAN DARBY / GEORGE M CLARK / CHRISTOPHER ROSS / CASE / LEON BILLING

Private view November 5th 6pm - 9pm

Blackall Studios | 73 Leonard Street | London | EC2