Prescription Art opened with a new show at the weekend entitled "HEAD" a mind-expanding leap into the future: As we exit the noughties and leap into a new decade - 9 Artists come together to herald the future: Pete Fowler, Matt Sewell, Pinkyvision, Russell Maurice, Dan Mudwig, Neasden Control Centre, Milk, Paris and Eco.

Well established but distinctly avant-garde these Artists share a vision of the modern world that is abstract, colourful, esoteric, cartoonish, surreal and challenging. Each shares an ability to reflect the joy and celebrate the strange, to capture who we are and where we’re going and to keep moving forward.

Prescription Art has a collection of photos from the show which can be seen over on their flickr here.

Prescription Arts | 115-116 Church Street | Brighton | BN1 1UE