For Digitally Isolated, Parisian illustrator and designer Geneviéve Gauckler has disconnected herself from the daily stream of images, words and information that flood our daily lives in an effort to return to more traditional techniques of drawing, painting and hand-screenprinting. Gauckler presents the character-based composition style for which she is best known, but reduces the result to one or two characters, a few words and basic colours.
“It’s like a challenge to create new artworks by following these rules, these constraints. It’s like children playing and trying to come up with a new story, a new game by always using the same toys. In a way, I’m trying to become more and more simple, but I wouldn’t dare to use the word ‘minimalist’, because it’s related to art and I’m not really connected to the art world – my work is closer to illustration and decoration."
The exhibition featurse limited-edition silkscreened prints and acrylic paintings on canvas, exclusively to Kemistry Gallery, and available in the gallery or at our online shop from 6 November.

Kemistry Gallery | 43 Charlotte Road | London | EC2A 3PD