The BLDG will be releasing their first print with phenom Brazilian street artist turned fine artist, Fefe Talavera. This piece is largely inspired by Incan culture. Fefe describes the piece as follows:
"The Incas had a myth concerning lunar eclipses that is fairly common among ancient peoples. In these stories the Moon is always attacked by some force or creature that manages to swallow it, only to be defeated in the end by some big-shot hero. For the Incas, this creature was the snake or puma, and the Moon itself was a goddess known as Mama Quilla. Analogous to her solar husband Inti, Mama Quilla was portrayed as a silver disk with a human face. She ruled over calendars and the measurement of time, and kept protective watch over married women."
Fefe's work has been displayed worldwide: Moscow, Buenos Aires, New York, Seville, Berlin, Los Angeles, Mexico DF, Vienna, Amsterdam; including the standout Propeace Exhibit in Lille, France and a blow-up solo show in Madrid at Subaquatica. Exhbiting along side of the world's finest artists: Invader, Doze Green, Labrona, Imminent Disaster and more.
This print is entitled, "Mama Quilla" It is a 22"x30", 4 color hand pulled screen print with Metallic Silver. It's an edition of 75 on 100% Cotton Rag Stonehenge paper with two deckled edges. It goes on sale on the BLDGrefuge website at 11a.m. (US EST) on Thursday, Nov. 12th for $100.