In her paintings Chloe Early creates a fantastical landscape, an urban utopia where strange and wonderful things happen. For this exhibition 'Clouded Apollo', she has referenced a variety of images and contexts; a female figure twists and turns through time, suspended in an interior world of opulence and beauty, echos of patterns and pillars, glass roofs, chandeliers and roses. Outside we see far away skylines, buildings rising and falling, destruction and the prescient image of destruction; a tank.

The actions of the aerial performer strike a balance between performance and introspection as the figures defy gravity in an obvious act of showmanship but ultimately remain self contained and unaware of the viewer. Darker and more sombre these paintings are a development away from her recent carnival theme to a dark yet beautiful world.

Early's works are typically oil paintings on metal or canvas, and for this show there are also pieces in oil on perspex. The use of oil on a these surfaces means the light plays across the surface in an almost etheral way, which together with the layering of landscapes, objects and figures creates a mutli -dimensional world; the viewer has the sense of catching glimpses of this other world as we are passing by.

Private View 5 November - The show runs until 29 November
StolenSpace | Dray Walk | 91 Brick Lane | London