Hang-Up and Wieden and Kennedy join forces for 'Cut Out and Keep' an exhibition featuring the work of the multi-talented contemporary artist Alex Daw at the agency’s new space ‘The Cole’ situated in The Old Truman Brewery in London’s Brick Lane area.

Alex Daw brings his warped view of the world of fashion, status and advertising via his ongoing series of compelling contemporary mementos of modern life. He utilises anything at his disposal - he cuts and paints on a number of surfaces. Culling fragments of pop culture, fashion and art history, Daws’ obsessive nature to critique and de-construct objects, results in cut up magazines, and paintings on canvas and glass pieces.

The resulting work is a series of sexy, glossy objects, at once mocking, mimicking and worshipping the cult society they are idolising. He is also satirising the clinical, surgical lengths to which a growing number of celebrities take their obsessive compulsion to alter their physical self.

There will be four very limited edition prints available for purchase which will be released at the exhibition. The exhibition will run until Sunday 29th November.

The Cole Building | W+K | 16 Hanbury Street | London | E1 6QR