Pic + Mix are a new series of art exhibitions curated by Intercity for 55dsl. Each show will see a renowned artist selecting and working with a collaborator of their choice; this could be a like-minded contemporary, a fresh new talent, or an artist from a completely different discipline - photography, sculpture, moving image, furniture design, music and more – all are up for grabs.

The collaborative nature of this series of shows will offer diverse ways of working, and the results will be a creative mix of both talents and techniques.

The first show launches on Thursday 29th, where one our favourite graphic designer'sSanderson Bob will work with blacksmith Sam Sherbone. Sanderson Bob wanted to work with Sam to capture the craft, quality, personality and story that one-off handmade objects possess. As well a sculpture, there will be a number of prints created for the show inspired by the time Sanderson Bob has spent with Sam in his worshop in Sheffield. The collaboration has given both artists an opportunity to really embrace the project and it promises to produce an uninhibited selection of work.

The show will run from the 30th October until the 20th November.
Opening hours: 11am - 6pm

STUDIO55 - 55DSL | Newburgh Quarter | W1F 7RN