Black Rat Press has announced that their next show is a solo exhibition of works by Lucas Price aka Cyclops.

Heralded as a new star in the art world, the artist – whose familiar skeletal, giant toothed street art works with painting partner,
Sweet Toof, can be seen in high profile spots all over the capital, and the world – will be exploring the fringes of society in a show which tackles narratives of homelessness, dereliction, madness, drugs and redemption.Featuring works on canvas and paper as well as a series of thought-provoking installations, this promises to be the most audacious debut show of the year. To underline the show’s narrative, Price has worked with Sweet Toof on a site-specific installation – a wake with a coffin bearing an effigy of one of his street art characters. Price says: “The way I see it, he’s dead and this is a new start.”

Jesus Help Me Find My Proper Place opens with a private view this Thursday 15 October.
Black Rat Press | Thru Cargo Garden | 83 Rivington St | London