We are super excited about the opening of Tim , Al and Luc's new gallery venture Chapter One. The Soho based gallery opens its doors tonight 01 October with a mandate to revolutionise the way contemporary art is exhibited, commoditised and ultimately made accessible to the general public.

Chapter One is an independent venture, which will showcase original art, sculpture, installation, photography and also music, fashion and other creative formats from around the world. Diverse mediums by diverse artists from diverse backgrounds. This dynamic echoes that of the directors (Adam Tiger, Al Herring, Luc Le Corre, Tim Head) who hail from differing arts backgrounds (promoter, artist, publisher, curator respectively) but are all long time vanguards of UK's Contemporary Arts scene.
"Our ambition is to create a globally recognised gallery space shunning street art clich├ęs, hype and current over inflated price tags. We have already secured some of the worlds most influential, important and inspiring artists."
The gallery will launch with a group show "GENESIS" which reflect this policy and include globally recognised talent such as Germany's rising art star Stefan Marx, Barcelona's master of collage Michael Swaney, England's king of the Dali-esque surrealism Mudwig Dans, the colourful psychedelic universe of Merjin Hos, as well as France's multi-media disciplined Samuel Francois and new eye melting pieces from Eindhoven's Erosie. 2009 promises group shows celebrating London based artists ('OUR ENDS') and a Christmas Death Metal spectacular with iconic photographer Peter Beste and Illustrator French, as well as a few surprises lined up on the way.

C H A P T E R O N E | 33 Marshall Street | London | W1F 7ET