All City Writers - Graffiti Book CoverAll City Writers is a new book set to drop next month which explores the Writing movement, focusing particulary on the process of its exportation from New York to all of Europe during the 80's. The first part of the book analyzes how graffiti in media such as movies, videos, magazines, and books from New York influenced Europe. When images of the New York subway arrived in London, Par is, Munich and Amsterdam, a huge milestone was set : a first generation of European graffiti writers started to follow the letters, the method, the techniques, and the general lifestyle of New York in the 70s.

All City Writers - Graffiti Book The whole project developed from the consideration that many of the stories that writers experience are just lost in time. Other than the pictures of their pieces, the adventures, and sensations a writer lives through often just disappear like so many other bits of oral culture. For that reason, All City Writers contains the largest contribution of texts ever published in this field. With 1.230 pictures, 620 articles and more than 250 writers involved who contributed their own stories to the project All City Writers is a heavy-weight of graffiti literature – and that not just in terms of the actual size and weight of the book. The book, a massive volume of more than 400 pages, is available from Amazon.