So we have just got back to London after a few days away at this years Fame Festival (more on that soon), and we spotted that the Sclater Street wall off Brick Lane in East London had been repainted by Telford Homes the construction company that own the hoardings.

With the exception of some pieces, a lot of the stuff on the hoarding post meeting of styles, consisted of bored teenage kids with not enough paint to fill in the letters they were attempting to paint and it wasn't long before this spot became another Leake Street, with stuff getting dogged within hours of being painted.

The gangs of kids hanging about the last few weeks had little or no respect for these walls and the surround shops, with everything in sight subject to their toy tags. This combined with an assult on one of the business owners who confronted one gang as they were tagging her window may have been factors in the death of this spot. And while a newly painted wall could have been a fresh start for Sclater Street, today saw the final nail hammered into the spot with the instalation of CCTV cameras around the entire site and signage now making this an illegal spot.