British street artist Banksy's No Ball Games Stencil in Tottenham, London

Hookedblog checked out this new stencil work by the elusive British street artist Banksy yesterday. Fantastic work and great to see everyone enjoying the piece, I had three extended conversations with locals about the pieces while I was taking some pictures. 

Lots of others kept stopping and asking if we knew who created the work or if we were or knew Banksy! Great to see the new work is encouraging the local community to stop and talk to each other.

Banksy's No Ball Games Stencil

I also had a long conversation with the guy who turned out to be the owner of the building on which the work had been spray-painted onto. He had never heard of Banksy until Monday morning when one of his tenants in the building called him to say it had graffiti on it. Was asking us loads of questions, asking if we were journalists and if we knew whether it was a Banksy or not as it wasn't signed. 

He then pulled out a printout from the web about the sale of the Banksy wall in Portobello Road!! He had also been doing his research as he was showing me a post on the Slam Hype website on his Blackberry which had some of Romanywg pictures featured in it.

British street artist Banksy's No Ball Games Stencil in Tottenham, London

Another girl I spoke to was from some local community group and had some dealing with the council. She said the local council has already been out to see the stencil piece and she is pushing them to keep it and not remove it as she thought it was a fantastic piece and wanted it to stay for all to enjoy.

Will be interesting to see what happens to the piece, how long before the work is covered with a protective layer of perspex is now common with Banksy street pieces.

The new Banksy street art work is located in North London, at the corner of Tottenham High Road and Philip Lane. 


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