Tomorrow the 10th July at 12pm will see the release of 'What we did to get by" a new print being released by Know Hope a street artist from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Paperworks Lab who are releasing the print via their website, worked with Know Hope in their Downtown Los Angeles studio creating the hand drawn separations and adding customization to every print.

This edition has hand touched background washes with customized star stencils and hand painted dashes. This makes every print a one of a kind piece of art. This fresh looking 6 colour print with Black, gold, red, white, green and brown will be printed on heavy stock chipboard in a very small edition of just 20 all for just $200.

We are not sure if the 12pm release is LA time as the site does not specify, so we advise you to keep checking the site tomorrow if you are interested in bagging one of the lovely prints.

UPDATE: I have had an email back from Paperworks Lab to say they will be releasing the print at 12pm PST which is 8pm for those of us here in London.