Tomorrow evening, also sees the opening of 'Given Up The Ghost' a collection of new works from Bristish artist Russell Maurice.

Since the mid 90’s, Maurice has produced paintings, prints, collages, sculptures and installations that reflect the spontaneous and informal nature of graffiti writing and have explored the recurring themes of energy, growth patterns and cycles in nature.

This collection of new paintings, small-scale sculptures and installations, take these themes forward into new realms – to consider theories regarding the spirit world, the physical and metaphysical, consciousness and death.

Using a mix of abstraction and cartoon elements, many of Maurice’s paintings appear on old silkscreens and transparent silkscreen mesh, echoing their transient, ethereal subject matter. His works collectively attempt to create a layered narrative, each is a fragment that forms building blocks for a larger universe, holding theoretical ‘spirits’ that inhabit each work.

Influenced by wide ranging sources, from Blake and Alchemic theory, to the nostalgia of 1930’s cartoons, Maurice’s works are unsettling and humorous depictions of a world inhabited by roaming spirits.

StolenSpace | Dray Walk | Off Brick Lane | London